Fat to Fabulous

                                                        Jane Jacob, 40 years

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From "Fat to Fabulous"
From a dilly-dallying weight watcher to a mindful eater, a disciplined runner, a conscious fitness geek.
Jane Jacob is a passionate clinician, a Gynaecologist who’s is on IOH advisory panel and helps with many cases.
Jane Jacob is my classmate, a dear friend and hence I have hence a special attachment to her achievement. She is someone whom I know for 20+ years. This also means I know her strengths and weaknesses etc.
The best quality I have noticed in Jane Jacob is "She is someone who doesn't just settle down for anything regular or average". She always aims high. When we started the journey together last year, she told me that she wants to lose 3-4 kg every month. Knowing Jane, I told her, let's keep a more realistic target, 2 kg per month. She insisted on 4 kg and lost almost 10+ kgs in < 3 months. Unfortunately, she was not able to continue the journey because of other multiple engagements.
She restarted the journey again this year. I was amazed by the transformation she underwent as a person. She has transformed into a highly positive person, very vibrant individual, who is radiating Extreme positivity and Zest for life. She always had a childlike enthusiasm towards life. This time I notice the enthusiasm sustains and its growing.
Once she started the program the second time (her second innings) around Feb. In spite of her hectic schedule, she found time to upload her meals, followed the concepts 80% of the time. She kept updating her progress every time. With a childlike enthusiasm, she celebrated every single achievement in her journey. She took photographs and send me.
Now, at 78 kg, she feels much lighter, much positive, and is running 6 km daily.
She is putting together the next set of personal goals. We will come back to you all in few months with another inspiring story.
Lesson to learn from Jane Jacob
Do not ever lose your enthusiasm and Zest for life whatever environment you are. You are never too late to start fresh and achieve your goals. Always keep you childlike enthusiasm


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