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Shahin Basheer TLC adaptation

Shahin Basheer TLC adaptation This post is for all those clients who requested for the repost of Shahin weightloss journey. This post was done in early 2016. Now he is at 23 kg loss and Healthy and active. Shahin Basheer  adopted TLC in 2013-14 time frame. The process of adaptation took a long time as he never believed eating smaller portions or restricting certain food which is considered unhealthy.  When he was in his early 30s, he was having multiple health issues, which prompted him to take charge of his health. It was surprising for me to see his transformation. He transformed from  a foodie to a clean eater (on most days) from a couch potato to a religious runner  from 110 kg hefty man to 88 kg much-toned being a Waist circumference of 46" to 36" Prediabetes to a normal blood sugar Mild hypertension to a normal BP From a person, who couldn't climb 10 steps to a person who can run 17-18 km at a stretch and many more

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