Kshama Shape Up

Kshama Rao, 47 years
Fashion Entrepreneur
Married, Mother of two

Kshama is an entrepreneur, a socialite, a fashionista, very active in the community in which she lives. She is also a very responsible mother and divides the time between her work and taking care f her family needs. She has a great support system at home, who believes in feeding the family full stomach. As the support system makes great food, she enjoyed the food to the fullest. Then comes the weekend parties. Weekend partying additionally increases her weight piling on the stomach area.

She tried multiple things to lose her belly fat, but all in vain. Physically a very active person walks 5-6 km daily. She also joined pilates classes etc to tones her and reduce the belly bulge. She always thought dieting is not her cup of tea as she loves food and she loves to participate in social gatherings. But was ready to do anything to lose the extra fat on the stomach except starvation.

She visited IOH, and started getting training to Eat Right. She started realizing how bad her diet was earlier. She put an effort to understad the concept well and started adapting well. Her only indulgence was on weekends. The rest of the days she stayed on track. 

Read what she has to say

"Though I was not overweight, I always had a bulging mid section. I tried multiple sting to get rid of the mid bulge but never was successful till i approached IOH.

I approached IOH, and was convinced by the approach in the first interaction itself. I followed 5 meals a day which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks. I snacked on nuts, seeds, fruits or steamed vegetables. I ate 2 vegetable salads a day. With consistent feedback and awareness creation by training from IOH, I reduced the coffee consumption to almost twice a day. 

My fitness regimen included walking etc 45 min a day of a walk for 4-5 days a week. Within few months, I lost 4-5 Kgs and started shaping up the midsection. With a healthy well-balanced diet and regular walk, I am able to maintain a healthy physique now.

The best thing I learned from my association with IOH is that i don't have to starve to lose those bulges instead i have to carefully plan my diet, so that i eat more still i lose weight.

Even after 3 years post weight loss, whenever I go off track, I go back to IOH and get desciplined. I brush up my concepts and learn more science and adapt the same in my life.

Now I advocate IOH to my family and friends. I know whoever follows IOH, they will definitely achieve a healthy appealing physique. Also, I understand, a person like me, requires an environment where you are always motivated to choose Healthily."









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