How I ended my struggle with being overWeight

Elizbeth, 44 years

Elizabeth came to IOH in the mid of 2017 with multiple issues. Weight was a major problem with her. She visited us multiple times before taking a decision to go ahead with the plan. She was fully convinced when she decided to take up the plan. Now she advocates IOH to all her friends and family.
Now, Lets glance at she has to say about her journey with us
“My obesity not only had a negative effect on my physical health, it also played a toll on my emotional well being. I knew that y overweight and no exercise routine was killing my physical and emotional wellbeing by day. Though I wanted to do multiple things, I could never initiate anything.
I always thought 'I will never be able to lose weight. The reason being, over the last few years I am not eating anything much, My eating was restricted to only once or twice small meal. Still, I never lost any weight. Multiple attempts at dieting and other practices made me feel like "I cant achieve a healthy weight ever in my life". But at the back of my mind, I was looking for a magical solution to lose weight.
With multiple interactions with IOH team, I finally realized there is not MAGIC..But you can device Wiser strategies to lose weight and regain all my health. When I did my lifestyle assessment with IOH, I understood how my lifestyle was contributing to my weight gain and all other aspects of well being.
I quickly started adapting to IOH recommendations and transformed myself,
from a once a day eater to a five times a day eater
from a raw veg hater to a salad lover
from a sedentary couch potato to an active woman
I started observing changes in my physical and mental well being, which boosted me to stay on track from the beginning. That's when I realized “ Right Eating not only impacts one's physical health but it also equally affects ones' emotional and Mental Health”. Team IOH was always at my support in spite of all emotional binges and other challenges which always pushed me off track on and off. The constant motivation and right guidance of the team always made me come back on track and stay on the recommended lifestyle.
I do not like to Elaborate cooking and hence the same was customized at IOH to provide a diet which I could follow easily, plan and prepare my meals quickly. I was even provided with diet supplements to meet my nutrient needs.
Slowly I started a regular exercise with their guidance. With 10+ kg, loss, I feel like an achiever. The weight loss, a well planned nutritionally balanced diet, and regular activity made me a different person now. I am more vibrant and an active person now. I am so inspired and motivated by the change I have seen in myself, not to forget the laudable service from IOH”.
The highlight of Elizabeth's journey to tackle obesity with IOH is that fact that her mental and physical health has drastically improved her state of mind and outlook of life which gives her tremendous sense of accomplishment and self-worth while she made progress.


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