How I adapted Therapeutic Lifestyle changes

Sreejith Sreenivasan, 41 years
Professional, Arizona USA

Sreejith Sreenivasan came to us through FB. He is someone, interested in Health related topics. Initially, he interacted with us to know more about the solutions we offer. He kept interacting with us, gave us feedback on our FB posts etc. One fine day he called and enquired about Diabetic management. And he understood how we manage chronic lifestyle conditions. He decided to join IOH. He followed the recommendations and guidelines properly, went and did additional research and cleared his doubts with he team every now and then. We were also very happy to be associated with him as he brought in a lot of vibrancy to the entire Environment.
In 3 months, he achieved his target weight loss and target lab values. While he was going through his weight loss journey with us, he started advocating IOH among his friends and family and made them join the IOH family.
Thank you Sreejith for advocating IOH.
Read the success story of Sreejith from Arizona from the USA.
"The contribution of IOH towards my weight loss is immense. My health journey started when i came across the IOH on Facebook while I was looking to manage my health condition. I knew I had to start making some changes somewhere but didn’t know the plan as to how to move forward with it. IOH not only helped me lose weight but helped me to move to a healthier lifestyle for good. I lost around 16 pounds of weight in a span of 3 months.
I was diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol levels over a year ago and was on medication.Under IOH guidance & support I was able to lose weight based on diet which clinical team provided. However the team wanted me to get into some kind of physical activity or exercise and encouraged me to understand the importance and eventually, it became a regular part of my daily routine. Now, my diabetes and cholesterol conditions is under control and medicine dosage has been reduced.

The most important factor which I would like to mention that IOH team is very knowledgeable. The distance and time difference between the US and India was not an obstacle for interaction with them. I appreciate the effort and the motivation they provided to help me achieve my goals.
I recommend IOH to all who want to overcome their obesity along with the medical changes by bringing about the much-needed changes in die



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