Shahin Basheer TLC adaptation

Shahin Basheer TLC adaptation

This post is for all those clients who requested for the repost of Shahin weightloss journey. This post was done in early 2016. Now he is at 23 kg loss and Healthy and active.
Shahin Basheer adopted TLC in 2013-14 time frame. The process of adaptation took a long time as he never believed eating smaller portions or restricting certain food which is considered unhealthy. 

When he was in his early 30s, he was having multiple health issues, which prompted him to take charge of his health. It was surprising for me to see his transformation.

He transformed from a foodie to a clean eater (on most days)
from a couch potato to a religious runner 
from 110 kg hefty man to 88 kg much-toned being
a Waist circumference of 46" to 36"
Prediabetes to a normal blood sugar
Mild hypertension to a normal BP

From a person, who couldn't climb 10 steps to a person who can run 17-18 km at a stretch
and many more

If this story inspires people, we will be more than happy to share the details.

This post is intended for those who have requested for weight-loss tips. I couldn’t reach out to all of you individually, hence thought of sharing few general guidelines here.
Today Let me talk about the basic funda of weight loss. Many of us must have tried different techniques to shed those extra kgs. I thought of talking about my husband Shahin Basheer who used to be a foodie, now turned into a fitness enthusiast.
He is 186 cm tall and was overweight, weighed around 107 kgs. And honestly, we was not much worried about his weight until 3 years ago, when he started getting knee pain while climbing down the stairs carrying our then 4 year old daughter. That moment he decided to take up anything which will help him to lose weight and regain a healthy physique.
From 2013 onward, he started following few techniques to lose weight. He started packing his lunch to office, that too only partially steamed veggies. And he started playing his favourite game, shuttle regularly (which sadly aggravated the pain).
The major flaw of this technique was that he was not aware of how much quantity (as calories) he was eating during breakfast and dinner and he ended up overeating most of the days. He always felt that he was doing enough physical activity to burn the calories and also one whole meal was only veggies. The feeling meant that his dinners ended up as the major elaborate meal of the day. The weight didn’t come down much even after continuing this routine for almost an year.
But the best thing that happened during this phase was that he started getting used to the taste of partially steamed or raw vegetables. He primed his taste buds to much healthier eating choices.
The second step was to get himself educated on healthful ways of losing weight. He realised that he needs to follow a healthy eating pattern with a check on the quantity he consumes and do regular exercise to compliment the diet for losing weight.
Over the last 1/12 years,his lifestyle at home has changed.
We have 5 meals instead of 3 meals. Our meal pattern is as below
Breakfast: Oats/Muesli/Whole wheat bread with warm milk (no added sugars) + 4 to 6 egg whites + a fruit
Lunch: Rice/wholewheat pasta + Partially steamed veggies
Dinner: Fish/Chicken + Partially steamed veggies.
Snacked on Fruits, Vegetables, Soups, Salads, Nuts or seeds. Once or twice a week he does have a cheat meal. But he always check the quantity he eats.
He also weighs himself regularly (almost daily twice - one in the morning and one in the evening). This gives him a psychological push to adapt his following day’s meals and/or exercises. I think this is a great motivator.
He also burns 400+ calories 3-5 days a week through physical activity. His major activities are running, playing shuttle, cycling and weight training.
With this newly adapted lifestyle, he lost around 15 kgs and 6 inches from the waist and has become more active and energetic. The knee pain and other associated issues came down drastically. He doesn’t complain any more.
Now he runs 5-10 km at a stretch at least 3 days a week
So the main Funda that one needs to understand from my husband’s weight loss journey is
"Creating a calorie deficit is the primary factor in weight loss.
You can achieve this by eating right food (healthy low calorie high nutritious food) at right quantity and at right intervals. Nutrition is the key for a healthy weight loss.
The regular physical activity (PA) can also contribute to calorie deficit creation. PA additionally helps in toning your muscles and strengthening your physique."


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