Sowmya Weight Loss

Sowmya Nanjappa

Today let me update the weight loss story of the first employee of IOH Clinical Team, Our Lead Nutritionist Sowmya Nanjappa
Sowmya came to us in 2016 and we were at the initial stage of putting up the things together. We didn't have a proper team or structure to manage clients. This was a time when the organization has gone through its ups and downs to get stabilized. We kept changing processes and structure every now and then. And Somwya Sowmya Nanjappa stayed through the whole process...Stayed with Us. She was ready to handle multiple roles at the same time, which was one unusual quality required for a start up. And We are grateful to her as entrepreneurs.
Now she is the Lead Nutritionist at IOH #InvestonHealth, guiding our clients to better-eating patterns in other aspects of lifestyle. Once she started taking up her career ambition and profession seriously I see a huge leap in her productivity, commitment level, and the level at which she is able to motivate and guide people and give them an expected result.
Read what she has to say about her Weightloss/transformation story with IOH.
With thonsetet of the IT lifestyle where years of working long hours, eating untimely & unhealthy was the pattern of life, I obviously ended up being Obese
“My original weight used to be about 60kg. However, when I Started working as a business specialist in the BPO Sector, shot up to 90 kg over the years. I had a nutrition background but this wasn't enough for me to get motivated to start the right eating habits. Though I quit my job and decided to pay attention to work on my health,was not successful enough. I remained stuck at 90 kg for the longest I can remember. Having tried and tested various diet concepts, workout sessions,etc which was of no help, as it would give me the immediate result but was not a sustainable one.
Fortunately, when i was thinking to get back to work again where I was stuck in a dilemma to choose between my nutrition knowledge which is my education background or my experience field. This is when i met my dear neighbour and friend, Dr. Rajeena who had a passion to drive people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I decided to join her firm IOH which i thought would be great where i could hang around constantly amongst people who motivated me to stay on track, which also gave me an opportunity to learn, coach and motivate others in my condition. I realised that i did not have to look far to find a reliable weight loss programme as i now had the knowledge and also got the right environment. I joined her firm as a nutritionist and started focusing constantly on my weight loss journey along with driving people to incorporate clean eating habits, adopting lifestyle changes which finally helped me to drop my weight for sure!!!! and now, continuing to do so
Fitness and healthy eating have now become an integral part of my lifestyle. I am extremely pleased with the results of the weight loss programme and all credits for improving my life goes to IOH .“The best thing about the weight loss program which IOH provides is that they target to imbibe clean and healthy eating habits through constant guidance and motivation which is very important while you are in a weight loss journey. I have benefited from IOH and i'm glad I am part of helping many people to achieve their health goals and stay constantly motivated."


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